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We provide technical assistance to mid-Atlantic businesses to strengthen their global competitiveness. The assistance is used to engage the services of outside experts that work directly with you and your team on projects specific to your company’s needs. Some restrictions apply, but as long as you’re focused on competitiveness strengthening, virtually anything under the umbrella of General Continuous Improvement can be addressed. You may not know it but your main competitor is most probably half a world away and operating on a cost structure you would give anything to have. By the time you do know it, you’ve burned up a chunk of working capital just to survive. Isn’t it time you said ENOUGH ? There is no cost to see if your firm is eligible for the program and all inquiries are kept strictly confidential. Simply create an account and start the process by clicking on the tab in the upper right corner of our website to get started on the path to renewed success! For immediate assistance contact MATAAC today.



The Washington Post
By: Lydia DePillis, Reporter – The Washington Post

Certain kinds of business just can’t be done in the good old USA anymore!

That’s what the gurus will tell you. And, unfortunately, that’s what a lot of Americans have come to mistakenly believe over the past several decades. But it’s so only because we allow it to be so, according to one Maryland entrepreneur with the courage to back up that contrary opinion with her own personal investment.


Still Trying to Compete on Price?

By:  William J Bujalos, Director – MidAtlantic Trade Adjustment Assistance Center

Let me guess. If you’re in a manufacturing business you’re probably getting hammered by imports. Your survival is at stake and like many companies; you’re faced with three basic options….


The Competitiveness Pathway

By:  William J Bujalos, Director – MidAtlantic Trade Adjustment Assistance Center

If you’re in business you don’t have to be convinced that your organization’s competitiveness is just about the most important aspect of its human culture – especially if you expect to do more than just simply survive. If your objective is to attain and then reside in your industry’s upper quartile by a certain date specific you already know, if only in your gut, that it ain’t gonna happen by accident. As a matter of fact, the sum total of….